Asia Networkers Conclave

About the Conclave

About Asia Networkers Conclave 2017

WBR Corp, a renowned brand management company comes with an innovative project “Asia Networkers Conclave 2017” aims at strengthening the network market industry and offers an international platform to the leaders of different industries that solves various purposes such as improving goodwill, motivation, increased profits, token of credibility and many more. We have successfully organized number of high profile events in different parts of the world that is encouraging us to create more opportunities for our valued clients to grow and establish a distinct position in the market.

The ‘Asia Networkers Conclave’ is going to be held at Bangkok Thailand on February 3, 2017 at Ramada Plaza Hotel. Companies from any fields and industries can participate in our Networkers Conclave as we have divided categories on very large scale keeping every industry in mind.

As compared to our other events, “Asia Networkers Conclave 2017” will be much better, interactive, entertaining and prestigious. We are supported by business professionals and government bodies of India as well as Thailand.


Companies who are eager to grow and want to establish market networks can participate in “Asia Networkers Conclave 2017”. Stay tuned with us for further details. You can visit our website